Iceland - Reykjavic and the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a classic route in Iceland with many popular natural attraction


Golden Circle day trip is located near the capital Reykjavic. Here you can explore the fascinating countryside with Geysir Strokkur geothermal field, Þingvellir National Park and the impressive waterfall Gullfoss. When you have more time you can also explore the volcanic crater lake Kerið with bright blue water and red rocks or you can relax at the geothermal spa Blue Lagoon at Reykjanes Peninsula





Innsbruck - Austria‘s capital of the alps

Explore urban impressions of Innsbruck, located between gigh mountains of Tyrol


Get a little taste of Innsbruck with our calendar. Innsbruck is located in Austria in Tyrol and directly surrounded by the mountains of the Alps. Discover famous hot spots like the Golden Roof, Church Maria Himmelfahrt, Ambras Castle or enjoy the Tyrol panorama from the Bergisel Ski Jump.





Lake Brienz - A lake in the Heart of Switzerland

It is a beautiful turquoise coloured lake which is surrounded by mountains with unrivalled scenic views


Lake Brienz is located in Switzerland in the Bernese Alps. There are beautiful landscapes with mountains, meadows and glaciers. The lake with its deep rich turquoise colour is made of glacial water which flows in the lake and the sunlight reflect the rock flour in stagnant waters. Enjoy your stay by hiking, swimming, going by boat or other excursions.




Norway - A journey of Impressions

Experience the fascination of lonely landscapes and the typical architecture of the North


This calendar shows the beautiful wilderness of Norway with fjords and lakes and also a touch of lovely villages. Be inspired by crystal clear blue water, beautiful beaches in the Lofoten Islands and feel the charm of the wharfs in Trondheim along the banks of the river Nidelven. Enjoy every month wonderful places and take time to relax!





Rhodes - A beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea

Sandy beaches, sun and much more


Take a trip to the beautiful island Rhodes. You can discover long, sandy beaches which are, especially in the south, not so tourism. Going to the Akropolis of Lindos or you can hike in the mountains and have a lot of fantastic views over the island to the sea.






The magical Lofoten Islands

Beautiful islands in Norway with wonderful landscapes


The Lofoten Islands offer spectacular views on mountains and beautiful beaches. The fishing villages of Reine and Nusfjord are two of the most popular places on the Lofoten Islands to enjoy impressive landscapes.









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